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Geothermal Rebate:
If you install a ground source heating/cooling system that meets our efficiency requirements, we will reimburse you a one time only $750 rebate for every ton installed. The geothermal heat pump is a relatively new technology. The unit not only heats and cools your home, but heats most of the hot water you use. It is the most efficient heating and cooling source on the market. Requires a minimum 20 EER.

Dual-Fuel Rebate:
This is a heating and cooling system which joins a high efficiency air source heat pump with a fossil fuel furnace (gas, oil). The heat pump heats your house most of the time. When the outside temperature drops below 25 degrees, the gas furnace automatically kicks in. The advantage is that you pay less for heat when the heat pump is running and you, additionally, have central air. Members will be given a rebate $150.00/ton rebate for the installation of Dual Fuel Heat PUmp unit.  The unit must be a minimum of 17 SEER.

Air to Air Heat Pump:

Members who install an air to air heat pump with electric backup will be given a $200/ton rebate.  The unit must be energy star rated.

Energy Star Electric Hot Water Heaters: Heater Form.pdf

Members are now eligible to receive a $250 credit on their electric bill for each new .90 efficiency rating or greater, 40 gallon or larger electric water heater.  Lewis County REC will rebate up to two (2) water heaters per structure.Electric Hot Water Heater Rebate Requirements: Must be Energy Star rated. Must be installed where electricity is supplied by Lewis County REC.   The member must fill out a rebate application form, provide a copy of the receipt for the water heater purchase, and sign a load control agreement provided by the Cooperative to receive the rebate.  Tankless water heaters and Hybrid Heat Pump water heaters are NOT eligible for rebates.

To be elgible for the rebates, Members must meet the requirements set for in Associated Electric Cooperatives "Take Control and Save Program".

All rebates are subject to change. Contact the office for up-to-date information.






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